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My Bio* Mia Sherwood Landau is a simple Jew living in a little cabin on a lake in the woods of north Texas. She is a writer, blogger, folk artist and musician who delights in helping her clients look good on the web, and inspiring her friends all over the world to keep and share The Sabbath in their own special ways.
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The songs and stories of my heart will resonate in your heart, because deep inside we are all very much the same. We long for deep connection and peace, but our first challenge is to simply set aside the time to honor our longings. May the sound of my voice bless you and your home in your own sanctuary of time.
What a privilege to complete my first chabura with Rabbi Aryeh Nivin.  My certificate (left) recognizes graduation from the course. But  more importantly, it reminds me of my tikkun, my  daily responsibility to repair the world. It's my job to bring my special, unique  light into the world for all to see, everyday!

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