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Temple Tiles for our Times

I am so excited to share my little artistic rendering of Linda Gradstein's pro photo and article on

This is a restored tile from the second Temple in Jerusalem, created by archaeologists from their actual discoveries. It's ancient Jewish patchwork flooring and I love it!  In my soul this design is so familiar and so satisfying... and now I know why.

Gradstein reports, "...about 600 colored stone floor tile segments have so far been uncovered, with more than 100 definitively dated to the Herodian Second Temple period. The style of flooring is the same as those found in other of Herod’s palaces in Masada, Herodian and Jericho. Snyder says the tile segments were perfectly inlaid next to each other.

"The tiles are part of the Temple Mount sifting project, an Israeli archaeological project begun in 2005."

May we all be so blessed to see the final Temple in person someday soon!

Shevii Shel Pesach 5775

The Golden Gate in Jerusalem for us all

The Golden Gate is on the east side of the wall around the old city of Jerusalem, and leads directly to the Temple Mount. It is the source of rich history, some of it rather speculative in nature.

But more importantly, it might possibly be the source point of our very rich future in Messiah. So, maybe these photos I post today will unite and ignite our attention on this important spot on earth right now. Can't hurt, can it?

As one blogger named Shalom Ben Issac writes, "Jews believe that the Mashiach (Messiah) will enter Jerusalem from the east through the Golden Gate and as he enters the Temple Mount he'll bring redemption to the Hebrew nation."

Naturally, Christians and Muslims have their own differing theories. Looks like we will all be watching what happens there soon enough.

Good week to listen to this talk on Forgiveness in Marriage

On her blog today, Shuli Kleinman shared the most wonderful, chabura talk by Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky called Forgiveness in Marriage.

Wow, what a timely topic! I'm pretty sure this is not a coincidence in my life... "The first years of marriage are for healing each others' souls."  Thank you, Shuli for your vigilant sharing of this deep teaching.

And now, a little further from Home Sweet Home in Texas, we have JERUSALEM, the IMAX 3-D movie. Another WOW for sure! I can't wait to see it soon.

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