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Light, Chanukah

Happy Chanukah Shabbat!

How To Reveal Light (It's not what you think...)

My friend Shuli Kleinman posted this important idea today :

"Yet the darkness can be turned into light, but not by investing talent and goals to it. Darkness becomes light when the mask over the light is taken off, meaning that there is an inherent understanding of the falsehood of the darkness and that appealing to the light behind it will lift us out of it."

Eighth Night of Hanukkah 2013 - Our Highest Prayers


This inspirational message arrived by email just in time for our 8th night of Hanukkah tonight. May it inspire you and your final night of Hanukkah 2013 as well:

"The last night and day of Chanukah is called Zos Chanukah. It is a night where the gates of prayer are open for our heavenly requests. It is a time that encapsulates the power and holiness of all the preceding seven nights of Chanukah. Our Sages teach us that we still have one last opportunity for the judgment of Yom Kippur to be finalized which is the 8th day of Chanukah. One can accomplish on the 8th day of Chanukah requests that even great Tzadikim cannot accomplish during Neilah of Yom Kippur. Let us use this opportunity to strengthen our prayers Torah study mitzvos and tzedakah."

Rabbi Yisroel of theHineni Heritage Center

The One and Only Thanksgivukkah This Week

It's not only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring light into the darkness, but it's a Once Ever time for us all to shine when we put the first candles in our hanukias this week on Wednesday night, the beginning of Hanukkah.

I, for one, am ready to shine brightly in this world!

What a privilege to know that people all over the world are lighting their Hanukkah candles with me, including many who are not in the USA where we are also celebrating Thanksgiving.

Turns out, the fact that the first night of Hanukkah coincides with the eve of Thanksgiving, November 28th this year is based on some pretty amazing calendar calculations that will not occur again for thousands of centuries.

So, essentially, we are very, very fortunate to be alive and celebrating Thanksgivukkah this year in the United States and all around the world.

From an email from Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz this week - "We Jews on the other hand realize that the imperative direction of our spiritual growth is to eventually bring the outer surrounding light inside ourselves to become an inner graspable light."

Shabbat Shalom on Dec 21, 2012

From a email this morning-
"When lighting Shabbat candles today, let us imagine our candle joining a global flame that can truly uplift you, your family and indeed the whole world. Even if it's hard to imagine, just do it. It's something we have to experience to believe."

But it all starts at home, in my home, in and around me. Shabbos is a gift that we give and we receive, all at the same time. This vintage Shabbos apron reminds me of giving and receiving food and love and light. I am lighting lots of extra candles tonight to honor sparks that ascended since Chanukah, sparks that will forever burn and ignite our own observances of Chanukah and Shabbos.


8th Day of Chanukah in Israel and Texas

Yedidah Cohen, author and course facilitator at Nehora School and Nehora Press shared this lovely photo of Chanukias in Israel.

And here is my 8th Day table here in Texas USA!


Little Chanukah Meditation

Click HERE to watch a short video of a sweet Chanukah meditation from


Chanukah Inspiration From Rabbi Roni Handler


Chanukah Words From The Rebbe


Chanukah Preparation and Shabbat Vayeshev


I received this quote from Rabbi Michael Berg and loved the way it ties Shabbat Vayeshev together with Chanukah Eve. Here, see what you think:

And these words lit up my inbox today, too, in an email from  I found myself taking a deep breath and starting relax about this special Shabbat before Chanukah when I read:

Chanukah starts tomorrow night. Shabbat is our chance to refuel. When you light your Shabbat lights this afternoon, let the lighting work its magic. Somehow, just the act of lighting gives us a break from all the pressure. Striking the match, lighting the candles, saying the blessing, taking a moment to exhale and to connect to our Creator. It evokes the perfection that we embody, just by being you.  Don't worry if your latkes are not perfect, or if your applesauce comes from a jar. You are beautiful as-is, and G-d celebrates every single good deed that we do.

Kindling Chanukah 2013 - Getting Prepared

Rabbi Gershon Winkler's description of Chanukah in an email to me today lights up the hours before the holiday  begins, which is after sunset on Saturday this week.


The Light and Peace of Chanukah and Shabbat

Here is some lovely Chanukah advice I received today from Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz of in order to enjoy the Festival of Lights, as well as the dark months of winter that follow it.

Etch into your mind or soul, a 'space', a sanctuary, a knowing----that will always exist and be available for you upon request. It consists of the 'Divine Presence', of the light that you can tap in to no matter how far away you are in terms of time space and soul. This light, that is etched into your soul, will serve as a source of safety, sweetening, comfort, rescue and elevation. Project a few situations where this light will come through for you in the future, exactly in the way that you will need.


Thinking About Chanukah Next Week

I like this article by Nina Amir. She describes the connection between lighting Chanukah candles and lighting Shabbat candles. It may surprise you!



Soon it will be Chanukah.  December 2011, or Kislev 5772 in the Hebrew calendar is my month.  Lighting candles each night for eight nights is the way Jews have long memorialized an historical event by bringing more light into their own lives and into the world. 

Trinkets and Gems

pixlrcandlebowlWhat is it about the little sparkly things that charm me? They have very little value in and of themselves, piled in a glass bowl in the sunlight, and stored in tiny plastic bags in my well-organized plastic tackle box, my treasure chest of literary proportion.
These trinkets and gems are incomprehensibly precious to me alone. They comprise the arts and crafts class that’s always in session inside me. They populate my creative imagination in myriad media and kaleidoscopic combinations, never failing to engender joy.
It’s just a transparent bowl of glass, plastic, metal and materials of unknown origin that never fails to enthrall me with possibility. Mixed in the fray are gemstone beads and cabochons, mined, cut and drilled into tiny fragments of delight. They are really nothing special, but they are all mine, these trinkets and gems of little value except to me.  
My trinkets and gems of infinite possibility are my pleasure and my shining, endless hope.
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