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Shabbos Chic Blog

Succos, Sukkot

Hoshana Rabbah - Pedi Sukkahs For Succos 2013

Today is Hoshana Rabbah, and soon the Succos season will come to an end. I loved a photo posted on and just had to provide my artistic version of it here on Shabbos Chic for you today!

"Teshuvah repentance does not come to embitter life but to sweeten it."  Rav Kook 

Shabbat Sukkot

Sending Light To The Nations
on Shabbat Sukkot from London, England

Full Moon Succah

It's the first day of Succos, and this photo adapted from Joel Seshold's Flicker stream is a beautiful symbol , isn't it?

The full moon awakened me, just in time to see it emerging within heart-shaped clouds, like a divine embrace.

That's how I want to feel this season of joy. Spiritually, I am in a divine embrace that is tangible and undeniable, and it's my responsibility to remember this privilege as I move through my Succos days and nights, and also thereafter.

"Embrace is hinted at in the sukkah: Just as a person embraces his child in love, encircling him with his arms, and sheltering him with his head, so here for the joints of the arm there are the two walls according to their rule, plus a third wall at least as wide as a handbreadth, and the third, the handbreadth, is the hand, and all of it is a parable for the situation of being embraced, of our being drawn near to Hashem [God] in joy and purity."

Thanks to Rabbi David Seidenberg of for sharing this wonderful quote from Meshulam Feivush, Rebbe of Zbarazh, in Yosher Divrey Emet

Ushpizin - Succos Guests in My Spiritual Life

In our EmunaHealing class this week, Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum helped us understand that our Succah is representative of the Holy Temple.

We build it and we spend a designated time in it each year in order to remember and connect  with the past and future Temple, right where we live, right now.

And, no matter where we live, we can expect a special guest to visit us each day.  Our spiritual Succos guests are the Patriarchs of our faith, and they are here for us now if we are willing to receive them.

The Aramaic word for "guests" is pronounced Ushpizin, and that is what we call our special Succos guests each year.

Rebbetzin Chana Bracha shared the basic spiritual qualities represented by each of the Patriarchs, and also associated the particular Sephirot to this list I'm quoting from an post by Rabbi Joel Padowitz as well:

  • Abraham represents love and kindness [Chessed]
  • Isaac represents restraint and personal strength [Gevurah]
  • Jacob represents beauty and truth [Tiferet]
  • Moses represents eternality and dominance through Torah [Netzach]
  • Aaron represents empathy and receptivity to divine splendor [Hod]
  • Joseph represents holiness and the spiritual foundation [Yesod]
  • David represents the establishment of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth [Malchut]

As an EmunaHealer, Rebbetzin included her understanding of the various parts of the human body represented by each of the Sephirot. 

Her sharing added another tangible, significant layer of understanding and possibility of healing  to the holiday of Succos for me this year.

See Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum's
Kosher Tube 3-part teaching on 
Torah of the Mothers

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